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Screw Conveyor

Bulk Material Handling Experts


We offer you all our experience in Screw Conveyor & Auger Flight Manufacture

   We are the main manufacturer of Auger Flights and Screw Conveyors in America and Latin America, we have an engineering department ready to collaborate on your projects and provide you with the best advice to improve your bulk material handling process. We have a wide catalog of screw conveyors to handle various types of materials. Screw Conveyors can be manufactured from carbon steel, type 304 and 316 stainless steel in various configurations as required. The uses of the screw conveyors are multiple, in addition to material handling, they are used as screw extruders, compactors, temperature exchangers to heat, cool or dry the material, hoppers, screw feeder, screw auger.


   We are experts in Auger flight manufacturing also known in the industry as Screw Flight, Sectional Flight, Helix Flight, Sectional Flight, Helical Flight, Helicoid Flight , Bega Screw Conveyor has an industrial patent for the development of a flight forming machine, invented by our engineers and thanks to this product we can offer you different services such as the supply of the auger flight under your specifications, the number of pieces you require. The auger flights can be made of A36 carbon steel materials, Type 304 and 316 Stainless Steel, Hardox Plate (400-450-500), Manganese Steel or with the application of coatings such as chromium carbide (Screw Flight Hardfacing for abrasive Application).   More information about Auger Flight.


   We can supply you complete screw conveyor or spare parts under norm or with your specifications, or we can advise you and recommend the equipment you require for the material you want to handle. Our engineering staff is trained to design your screw conveyor based on the use that will be given (normal, duty and extra heavy duty use) considering material conditions such as abrasion, corrosion, temperature, if they are powders, particle size, liquid state, viscosity , humidity equipment configuration if it is a horizontal, inclined or vertical screw conveyor and the working day to which it will be subjected.


   If you offer maintenance and repair service to auger flight or screw conveyors or are a manufacturer of helical worm screws, let us collaborate with your company offering parts and components for screw conveyors such as screw flight, middle hanger, troughs, covers, flanges, helical pipe, etc., In Bega will always find spare parts for screw conveyors at an excellent price.


Screw Conveyor

What is a Screw Conveyor?

 Learn who invented the screw conveyor, what a screw conveyor is, how a screw conveyor works, and what are the considerations you should have when selecting an auger conveyor. Find what type of screw conveyor (screw auger) you require.


Screw Conveyor Parts

Screw Conveyor Parts & Assembly

Learn about the parts of a Screw Conveyor, which together work to perform the main function: Material Handling. It also learns when using a Screw Conveyor with U Trough , a Tubular Screw Auger, a Shaftless Screw Conveyor (without shaft).


Screw Conveyor & Screw Flight Types

Types of Screw Conveyor & Auger Flight 


Do you already know what a screw conveyor or screw auger is and what are its internal parts? Excellent! It is time for you to know what the types of screw conveyors are, based on the type and shapes of the auger flight and the configurations in the installation. ; learn when using Horizontal Screw Conveyors, Inclined Screw Conveyors and Vertical Screw Conveyors (Screw Elevator), Come on in and LEARN!

Failitures and Solutions Screw Conveyors

Screw Conveyors common Failitures & Solutions 

  Learn to detect the most common failures in screw conveyors, these failures can be avoided by carrying out a maintenance plan, however small clues, strange noises, premature wear on the auger screws, could provide us with the way to remedy the failure, enter and learn How to detect FAULTS in screw conveyors with our Guide.

Screw Feeders

Types of Screw Feeders (Dosers)

  Is a Screw Conveyor the same as a Screw Feeder? It is one of the most common questions when considering the acquisition of a Screw Conveyor, there are some important differences to take into account, since the correct selection of your equipment is accompanied by comprehensive advice, if you have any DOUBTS about the Screw Feeders, we invite you to click on this article.


Types Bulk Material Handling

What bulk materials can be handled in a Screw Conveyor?

  The bulk material to be handled within a screw conveyor is decisive in selecting the type of material for the manufacture of the Screw Conveyor, the type of advance step of the screw conveyor, as well as the drive power and components mechanics that will be used to give the most uptime of the equipment. Bulk materials commonly handled by a screw conveyor are powders, grains, seeds, viscous products, ENTER AND LEARN


Screw Conveyor materials

What kind of material to use when manufacture a Screw Conveyor?

  Depending on the material to be handled with a screw conveyor taking into account physical characteristics, if it is corrosive, abrasive, temperature of the material, the place where it will be installed (exterior, interior, saline environment such as coast), making a balance you can determine the type of steel to be used for the manufacture of the Screw Conveyor in materials such as Type 316 and 304 Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel


Screw conveyor Advantajes

Advantages of a Screw Conveyor

 There are multiple forms of material handling, such as the conveyor belt, bucket elevator, drag conveyor, handling by means of pneumatic equipment, however the simplicity and practicality of a Screw Conveyor will never be surpassed, know all the benefits and advantages of use a Screw Conveyor.


Shaftless vs Shafted.png

Screw Conveyor Shafted v.s Screw Conveyor Shaftless

 A question that many engineers and maintenance personnel ask about screw conveyors is "when should I use a shafted screw conveyor" or "when should I use a shaftless screw conveyor"? These are excellent questions and the answer must be investigated so that the selection of your screw conveyor is a SUCCESS, click and DISCOVER


Grain Auger and Screw Conveyor Custom

Conventional Grain Augers v.s Custom Screw Conveyor

 There are many doubts when choosing which type of screw conveyor to purchase, in the end we can only choose between 2 options in the market, on the one hand there are the conventional grain augers also called tubular augers and on the other hand there is the customized Screw Conveyors . In this article we document you so that you can choose the best option, and that your screw conveyor is the equipment you require and not headaches, CLICK and LEARN.


Ribbon Mixer Components

Ribbon Mixer Advanteges & Selection


 If you are in the process of selecting what type of Horizontal Mixer to purchase, this article will interest you, because we explain how a helical ribbon mixer works, what type of materials is recommended to mix inside it, what type of discharge valve it is the most convenient, what type of power transmission to select, what is the correct way to add the raw materials inside the Helical Ribbon Mixer, We explain if you require a standard or heavy duty horizontal mixer, what type of construction material you require your mixer carbon steel or stainless steel type 304 or 316.


Industries We Serve With Our Screw Conveyors

Industries We Serve With Our Screw Conveyors


  If you have reached this part and read all our technical articles, we congratulate you, your knowledge about screw conveyors has expanded, this article is specially made to identify how we can collaborate together to carry out that BIG PROJECT you have in mind, we invite you to click.

Screw conveyors made of Stainless Steel 

Type 304-316 and special alloys

 Bega Screw Conveyor & Augers Flights      Design & Manufacture 


Our specialty is challenges. Hiring Bega Screw Conveyor services, clients get total advisory and recommendations when implementing new technologies on their processes. Serving several industries such as: mining, food, building, agricultural, medical, metal-mechanic, manufacturing, rubber and plastics, paper, textile, glass, among others. 


To satisfy specific needs, that every industrial process demands we have Screw conveyors, Horizontal Paddle and Ribbon mixers, screw feeders,  Bagging systems manufactured in steel A36, SS-304, SS-316, Hardox 450, Domex, among others.


If it is Bega Screw Conveyor brand, it is well done. Quality is our most important priority, that is why we do our best to offer you screw conveyors with the best material selection and more efficient manufacturing processes, in addition to an excellent professional service, you can get the maximum benefit for your company. 


As a client of Bega Screw Conveyor, you will have the best delivering time of your product with the best quality as well, accomplishing the estimated delivery date. 


 Precision Screw Feeders (Auger Feeder)

If what you need is to make a dosage of some powder, click on the image and you will find various designs of screw feeders, from volumetric displacement screw feeders to electronic weighing screw feeders.


Ribbon & Paddle Mixers Powders and Granule

To mix products in a homogeneous way, it is necessary to take into account which materials are to be mixed, and to know their properties, and then select the type of rotor (Paddle & Ribbon), click and learn about our systems of slats or ribbons. helical, vane systems and combined systems.

Ensacadoras con transportador helicoidal

Powder and Granule Bagging Systems

If you require a system for bagging your bulk material, we offer material handling equipment, weighing system, bagging and weighing, we have several options depending on the type of material and the bag / sack, click to know them.

Auger Flight

Auger Flights (Screw Flight) & Screw Conveyor Spare Parts


 In this section you will find all the components and spare parts of a Screw Conveyor or Auger Conveyor, either to replace damaged parts or build your own screw conveyor. If you are looking for Auger Flights (Screw Flights) For every need and application, these custom helix flights are available in a large range of dimensions and a vast variety of materials. Formed into a helix in different cylindrical, conical, cupped, specially shaped, click you have come to the right place.

Shafted Screw Conveyor

Shafted & Shaftless Screws (Complete Screws)

  If what you require is the part with auger flights mounted and welded on a tubular or solid shaft, or you only require the auger flight shaftless, As per custom design, complete screw weldments are produced in an ample range of diameters and thicknesses. Our machining and assembly capabilities enable us to produce custom-made augers in carbon, stainless or abrasion resistant steels. Certain finishing are possible such as sandblasting, polishing, glazing, pickling are possible at the request of the client. click is the place you are looking for


Screw Conveyor Design & Manufacture: Horizontal - Inclined - Vertical

  You are looking for a custom made screw conveyor, here you will find screw conveyors ready to operate in different configurations such as horizontal, inclined, vertical screw auger conveyors and also auger screw conveyors to cool, heat or dry the material inside.

Maintenance and Repair Screw Conveyor

Maintenance, Repair & Hardfacing Screw Conveyor with our Auger Flight

You have a screw conveyor that is in bad condition and you need to repair it, or you want to prevent premature wear that will be in contact with abrasive materials, we can apply a coating to extend its life time (hardfacing), it is very common that we repair Shafted screw parts that are worn or damaged, click and send us your part.

Ingeniería en Tranportadores Helicoidales

 Bega Screw Conveyor Enngineering Solutions

We invite you to click so that you know some of the projects where we have participated, clients who have placed their trust in our brand, and who today are operating efficiently, exceeding performance and functionality expectations, some of these projects could be similar what you are looking for.

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