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Screw Extruders Manufacturing

Manufacture of screw extruders

  Screw Extruder are components that suffer wear over time, therefore, they need to be replaced in order to keep machine and processes efficiency.  

 These are very elaborated pieces, in some cases, they have details on the flights like notches, radius, cuts, paddles, special transmission flanges, rectified, welding application under specification. In Bega Helicoidales we focus on details, from manufacturing to final finish in order to deliver functional pieces according to client’s needs. 

Screw Extruders are single pieces that are welded on a solid shaft or a hollow bar, according to the process, they can be manufactured with several materials, welding processes and different dimensions specified by the customer, using spare parts or original parts Bega Screw Conveyor brand. 


Screw Extruders Manufacturing

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