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Weighing screw conveyor with automatic calibration

Weighing screw conveyor with automatic calibration

Equipment for continuous dosages, it consists on a screw feeder with tubular trough, suspended on a steel structure, it monitors the material flowing inside the machine with a load cell and tachometer, besides dosage can be varied. It is ideal for materials that fluctuate from 300 Kg/m3 to 500 Kg/m3. It is necessary to place a rotatory valve to continuously feed material into the machine. Dynamic screw conveyors can be manufactured with carbon or stainless steel for a wide bulk material range, with tolerance of +/-5% according to the product (advise with an assessor Bega). 

Probably you are familiar with this situation: 

    Your process requires continuous flow measure and you would like to use an existent equipment, your product can only be transported by screw conveyors and it is required a closed system, and there is no enough space to install other flow measurement systems, like impact meters or load cells. 


Ideal solution: 

     Screw conveyors are closed systems, dust airtight, that transport difficult handle products in a reliable way. A weighing screw conveyor measures material flow and total weight during material transportation. 
 A weighing screw conveyor system can be adapted to existent screws. We can supply the complete system that consists on a screw conveyor and weighing systems.

Weighing screw conveyor with automatic calibration

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