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Manufacture of Screw Conveyor Heat Exchangers 

Screw Conveyor Heat Exchangers 

       During bulk material processing, sometimes it is necessary to cool, warm or keep a specific temperature while the material is transported. Temperature fluctuations need to be calculated and designed in order to get the desired objective. Bega screw heat exchangers are the perfect solution for these applications. 

   Bega Heat Transfer Screw Processors indirectly transfer heat to or from bulk materials by introducing a heat transfer medium such as cool water, hot oil or steam through a special trough jacket and/or center pipe and hollow flights. Cooling or heating a bulk material to a desired exit temperature is accomplished by the surface area of the screw processor and designing the system flow to match the heat load requirements of the application.

   BegaHeat Transfer Screw Processors are very cost-effective when compared to other methods of heat transfer. Bega designs and manufactures Heat Transfer Screw Processors to meet the needs of many industries, such as Chemical, Minerals Processing, Food, Power and Wastewater Treatment.


Common applications:

  • Cooling of different materials with high temperature due to previous processes.

  • Heating of lime for asphalt mixtures.

  • To keep specific temperature for foods.

  • Drying of products. 
     Our heat exchangers as their name refers, they transfer cold or heat towards the product, introducing a transfer mean like cold water, hot oil or steam through a special cover. Obtaining the desired temperature at the outlet. It is achieved calculating the area that covers the screw and designing material flow, to fulfill application’s requirements. 


       The correct design will be more profitable than other heat exchangers. Bega helicoidales designs and manufactures screw heat exchangers to satisfy client’s needs from many industries, such as chemical, mining, food, energy and sewage treatment.  


These machines are called in several ways:

  • Ashes cooler.

  • Screw cooler.

  • Screw heat exchangers

  • Screw cold exchangers 

Characteristics/Available options 

  • Fabrication material: Carbon steel, stainless steel and high nickel concentration alloys.

  • Design of a hollow screw conveyor for a better heat exchange.

  • Machine completely closed for dust and steam applications.

  • Different configurations to mix and shake. 

Screw Conveyor Heat Exchangers 

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