Screw Conveyor Parts & Components , Right and Lefth Handed (Hand)

& Screw Auger Conveyor Maintenance (Possible Failitures)

Screw conveyor and Auger Screw Parts & Components "U" Trough

At Bega Screw Conveyor we offer the Screw Conveyor and Auger Screw manufacture with "U" trough integrating our line products, made with our own technology. A screw conveyor and auger is made up of various internal and external parts, which must be identified before ordering. The Screw Conveyor and Screw Auger Conveyor type "U" traditionally are used in horizontal applications or maximum 20 degrees without making modifications. And they are functional almost for any type of material to handle.



1.- Flanged Covers.

2.- Inlet.


3.- Screw.


4.- Hanger with Bearing.


5.- Drive Shaft.


6.- Tail Shaft.

7.- Coupling Shaft.

8.-U Trough.

9.- Foot.


10.- Trough End.

11.- Drive Unit Support.


12.- Screw Conveyor Drive Unit.


13.- Discharge Spout.


14.- Seal Support.

15.- Bearings.

16.- Seal.

17.- Transmition Sprockets.

18.- Guard.

Screw conveyor Shaftless and Auger Screw Centerless Parts & Components "U" Trough



1.- Flanged Covers.

2.- Spiral Hold down.


3.- Shaftless Spiral.


4.-Trough  Liners.


5.- Trough End.


6.-Drive End Trough End.


7.- U Trough.

8.- Discharge Spout.

9.- Shaft Seal.


10.- Bearing.

11.- Screw Conveyor Drive.

At Bega Screw Conveyor we manufacture Shaftless Screw Conveyor (Screw conveyor Centerless, Screw conveyor whitout Shaft) on "U" trough, traditionally they are used in applications for handling viscous products, materials with a great variety of particle sizes, unlike the common helical in "U" trough, it has As a main feature that it does not have a drive axle, which prevents product accumulation and the displaced volume increases, to consult applications and configurations, consult your Bega consultant.

Tubular Screw Conveyor and  Auger Screw Feeder Parts & Components 



1.- Inspection cover (maintenance).

2.- Tubular trough.


3.- Inspection door (maintenance).


4.- Inlet.


5.- Discharge Spout.



7.- Trough End.

8.- Trough Drive.


Our Bega's Tubular Screw Conveyor and Screw Auger Feeder are the best on the market, our design department will always be ready to make technical recommendations, to determine if a screw flight in combination with tubular throug applies to the configuration and material to be flown. If the configuration of your equipment requires working inclined more than 20 degrees above the horizontal, the tubular screw conveyor is the best option, this in combination with the type of screw flight, (Sectional flight) shape and speed, combining these options we can offer you a solution to that difficult to handle material. They are also used in screw conveyor metering applications to have full control over the displaced volume. Consult your Bega advisor for recommendations.



9.- Motor Drive Ajustable Support.


10.- Screw Shafted.

11.- Tail Shaft.

12.- Drive Shaft.

13.- Seal Support.

14.- Seal.

15.- Bearing.

16.- Screw Conveyor Motor Drive.


Screw Conveyor and Auger Conveyor Right Hand & Lefth Hand (Rotation)

  Screws and Augers can be configured for every application. The Basic Conveyor Flight and Pitch Type Section provides descriptions of various types of screws that can be used in a multitude of bulk material conveying and processing applications.

   The use of screw flight helicoid or sectional screws is dependent upon the requirements of the application and the needs of the end user. In general, helicoid screws are used in light to medium duty applications, and are more cost effective when compared to sectional screws (Screw Flight). Sectional screws (Screwflight) can be configured for almost every type of application with special features such as ribbon or cut-and-folded flighting. Sectional screws can also be manufactured from special materials such as AR-235 or 316 stainless steel.


   Screw section (Screw Flight) length is also dependent upon the requirements of the application and the needs of the end user. Standard screw lengths and hanger bearings can be used where the bulk material is non-abrasive and free-flowing. Single length screws are recommended for abrasive, heavy industrial applications.

   Screws and Augers are available in right and left hand construction. Right hand screws are much more common and are recommended for almost every application. Spare parts are more readily available for right hand screws. The ”hand” of a screw along with the direction of rotation of the screw determine the direction of bulk material flow. The diagrams below illustrate the direction of bulk material flow for both right hand and left hand screws when rotated clockwise or counter clockwise. The rotation arrows indicate the location of the motor and gear reducer. The direction of bulk material flow is reversed when the direction of rotation is reversed.

   A right hand screw with the motor and gear reducer located on the discharge end pulls the bulk material toward the discharge end and rotates clockwise.

   A left hand screw with the motor and gear reducer located on the discharge end pulls the bulk material toward the discharge end and rotates counter-clockwise.

   To determine the hand of a screw, observe the slope of the near side of the flighting. If the slope is downward to the right, then the screw is right hand. If the slope is downward to the left, the screw is left hand.

Screw conveyor Rotation Right and Left Hand

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