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Hangers manufacturing 

     Bega Screw Conveyors offers the manufacture of many components for screw conveyor machines, in this section the different types of hangers available are shown. 

  • Hangers. – They are necessary elements used to hold the coupling shaft inside the conveyor every certain distance, due to the screw tends to flex because of its weight, therefore it is necessary to avoid friction between screw flights and trough with these pieces. Hangers are bushings generally made of bronze which is a special material that allows motion inside it and it takes the shape of the coupling shaft, allowing the rotation. These are pieces that tend to wear, so they can be interchangeable. 




















Hanger Type O1 
Colgante intermedio tipo 01 Bega Helicoidales

Types of hangers 

Hanger Type O1 

This type of hangers is designed to be inside if the trough. Commonly used in dustproof, leakage proof and weatherproof applications. It represents a minimal flow obstruction in high-capacity conveyors. Available with bushings.  

Hanger Tyoe O2
Hanger Type O2

Hanger Type O2 

They are supplied with a self-aligning ball bearing for heavy duties, the bearing is permanently lubricated and sealed. It allows a join misalignment of 4 degrees. This hanger is located inside the trough.

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