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Micro Screw Feeders 

Micro Screw Feeders 

      Ideal for microdosing applications, this equipment is designed by our engineers to accomplish process requirements and desired speed for the material. 

Micro feeders are commonly used in production of chemicals and pharmaceutics or any process where precise small amounts of additive are needed. Bega supplies micro feeders with a wide range of options and different materials like stainless steel or carbon steel. Modifications can be applied and easy to clean to satisfy client’s necessities. 

Our designs use power transmission with the quality to adapt VDF’s what provides total control and capacity to vary flow rates based on production requirements. 

Adding an agitator, it can be eliminated material clogging in hopper section. In order to select the ideal feeder, we advise, you to contact us and an assessor will help you to find the perfect type. 

Micro Screw Feeder

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