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Horizontal Screw Conveyors 

Horizontal Screw Conveyors

      Horizontal screw conveyors are the most used type. Ideal for transporting bulk material from a process point to another, they are available in a wide range of sizes, lengths, configurations and manufacture materials.

     Horizontal screw conveyors are designed to transport bulk materials in 15, 30 or 45 percentage of the complete trough volume, depending on material characteristics. As a rule, the 45% can be used with light bulk materials with free flowing and non-abrasive properties. The other cases (15 and 30%) for more dense, slow flow and abrasive materials. 

Screw conveyor inlets are controlled by another devise or element like: 

  • Screw conveyor  

  • Feeder 

  • Conveyor belt 

  • Volumetric/gravimetric feeder 

  • Rotatory valve 


      The recommended location for the drive assembly is at the outlet edge of the screw conveyor, so that bulk material is pulled to the drive assembly. With this disposition, each screw conveyor section is activated when bulk material is transported towards the outlet, reducing wear and fatigue in screw flights. 

Advantages of screw conveyors for processes 

  • Ideal for transporting dry bulk materials with slow or quick flow. 

  • They are more profitable than a conveyor belt or pneumatic conveyors. 

  • Efficient distribution of bulk materials to several places, using multiple inlets and outlets. 

  • Totally closed for powdery, corrosive or dangerous environments. 

Horizontal Screw Conveyors 

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