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Shaftless Screw Conveyor


  Shaftless Bega Helical Conveyors are the ideal solution for moving difficult to transport materials, ranging from irregularly shaped solids (such as waste wood and metals) to semi-liquid and sticky materials (such as compost, pulp, waste in food processing, Hospital debris and sediment (in water treatment). Shaftless Bega Helical Conveyors are simple, have no center axis, and require fewer parts than specific helical conveyors, minimizing maintenance costs. This design also allows for higher trough loads operated at less shaft rotational speed (RPM). They have the advantage of eliminating the typical jams and material accumulation of the specific helicopters, which translates into greater operating time, high efficiency and less maintenance. We also eliminate pendants, hanging bushings and bearings to reduce maintenance and increase tar efficiency, reduce transfer of material to another conveyor.


    Advantages of using screw screw conveyors

  • It does not have a central tube so it eliminates the accumulation of material on the tube.

  • It allows to transport sticky products, with large particle size and irregular shape.

  • Helical continuous.

  • No pendants are required so it eliminates that point of maintenance reducing costs.

  • Higher trough load.

  • It can handle more product with less RPM’s.

  • Longer service life.

  • Use blind trough lids.

  • Requires no seals or bearings.

  • Reduces maintenance and parts replacement costs.

  • Does not use bearings in the caps.

  • You can directly transfer the material to another incline, vertical or horizontal conveyor.

  • Can be designed to be installed in limited spaces Side feed inlet.

  • No need to use lateral transition Lower installation costs.

  • Helicoidal ¾ ”to 1” thick.

  • Longer life in abrasive applications.

  • Longer operating time Helical cold formed Longer hardness Longer life.

  • Wide variety of coatings.

  • There is the right coating for each application.

  • Reduces wear resulting in lower maintenance cost.

  • Simple design less parts in operation.  

  • Low operating cost.

  • Compact drive system.

  • It can be totally closed, preventing material leakage, reducing dust emission, eliminating environmental contamination.

Shaftless Screw Conveyor

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