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Bega Screw Conveyor Company 

Bega Screw Conveyor Company 

   Bega Screw Conveyor is a Mexican enterprise funded with national capital, where we design and manufacture equipment for bulk material handling, storage and bagging bulk materials. In Durango, Dgo city, Mexico. 

 Our company was funded in 2007, initially by a group of engineer experts in mechanical and electrical design, developing and innovating equipment such as screw conveyors, bucket elevators, bagging/filling machines, etc. 

 Bega Helix has passion for machinery design, under the premise “If it is Bega, it is well done”. Our mission is to provide engineering solutions to client’s technical problems, with excellent advisory and service for specific needs


    In Bega Helix nowadays, we are an enterprise intended to manufacture sectional screw flights, spare parts and accessories, sectional screw flights on pipe and complete screw conveyors under custom’s requirements. Backed with out experience in metal-mechanic and electronic branches, servicing to clients from USA, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ecuador and Colombia. 0ur main product is the complex process to manufacture screw flights in cold, through the acquisition of foreign technologies, being one of the most important investment in the last 5 years, result of the experience in the branch of handling materials. Sectional screw flights are regularly used as supplies for enterprises that gather these parts for designing their own machines such as: inclined/horizontal screw conveyors and spare parts for this type of industry. 

About Bega Screw Conveyor



To provide to the industry advanced-quality solutions and technological development that increases productivity and efficiency of our clients through a committed labor force, oriented to achieve personal and economic prosperity by developing a productive, safe and dignifying job. 




To be the national leader company in our area, to be present with our clients and suppliers through a responsible, trained and committed team work. To have the standardized and efficient work systems that allow us to be highly productive and maximize utilities, in a continuous improvement environment of team work.

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