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Industries we Served

Bega Screw Conveyor Industries Served 

Bega's Screw Conveyors applications include use by construction and agriculture equipment manufacturers in mixing and digging machinery, by the food processing industry for specialized equipment and manufacturers of conveyer systems used in distribution. The mining and minerals industries require large aggregate washers, for which Bega supplies components. Additionally, we manufacture components to move hay and other feeds for dairy farming equipment. Wastewater treatment plants use our screw conveyors to move sludge through the dewatering process. Bega’s products are also used in malting equipment and snow blowers. Our products are formed from various raw materials that include carbon and stainless steels, high strength and abrasive resistant steels, alloy steels, aluminum and titanium. 

Industries served include:

Construction Industry Screw Conveyor

Construction Industry Screw Conveyor

Bega Screw Conveyor has had good success in many applications in the construction industry.  From asphalt paving including asphalt screw hoppers, screeds and spreading screw augers, Began can provide the paving market with the augers and screws required.  We also have worked with concrete pavers and curbers in providing them with wear resisitant helical screws.  

We also can provide screws for helical piling, post hole diggers and grout pumps.

Construction Applications:

  • Paving

  • Auger Piling

  • Attachment Augers

  • Horizontal Boring

  • Snow Removal

  • Salt Spreaders

  • Dredging

  • Grout Pumps

  • Piling Augers

Drilling Industry Screw Conveyor & Auger

Drilling Industry Screw Conveyor

Bega Screw Conveyor's augers aid the drilling industry in a variety of ways. From drilling to fracking to attachment screw augers, our ability to custom manufacture to meet your needs helps you to get the job done right.  The demands of today’s fracking techniques make vertical augers a thing of the past.  Our augers enable drillers to drill or auger bore efficiently.

Drilling Applications:

  • Hollow Core

  • Drill Rigs

  • Attachment Augers

  • Auger Piling

  • Hand Auger

  • Horizontal Boring

  • Trenchers

Transportador helicoidal para la industria alimentaria

Food Preparation Industry Screw Conveyor & Auger

Mixing and blending screws are required in the food industry for product manufacturing and bread making.  Bega screws are used for food conveying, blending and processing. Bega screw conveyors can supply stainless steel screws with high quality welds and polished to the tightest food industry requirements.

Food Preparation Applications:

  • Bakery Screws

  • Meat Screws

  • Slotted Flight for Washers

  • Ice Cream Mixers

  • Feed Screw

  • Malting Equipment

Agriculture Industry Screw Conveyor & Auger

Anyone who is involved in farming operations knows that the work doesn’t end once the products like grain and waste have been collected. Getting them from their mode of transport (be it a truck bed or a grain cart) remains half the battle. Auger conveyors (aka screw conveyors) are designed to make this aspect of agriculture easier.

Bega Screw Conveyor is poised to meet the many feed screw and auger conveyor needs of the agriculture market. Our agricultural customers turn to our screw augers to help them with tasks ranging from conveying material to spreading product and dewatering waste. 

The high quality auger conveyors we offer provide the ultimate in reliability, durability and long lifespan. Contact Bega Screw Conveyor to discuss how we can help with your agricultural application needs.

Agriculture Applications:

  • Grain Bag Storage

  • Feed Screws

  • Silo Unloaders

  • Manure Dewatering

  • Post Hole Diggers

Agriculture Industry Screw Conveyor & Auger

Enviromental / Wastewater Industry Screw Conveyor & Auger

Enviromental / Wastewater Industry Screw Conveyor & Auger

From Archimedes screws to move water to handling wastewater and solids, Falcon product is a staple in the wastewater market.  We have provided Augers & Screw Conveyors for solids dewatering to grit classifieres.  Falcon has also supplied our customers with product for innovative biomass and bioenergy applications for thermal dewatering, conveying sludge and combustion applications.

Environmental / Wastewater Applications:

  • Open Screw Pumps

  • Archimedes Screw Pump

  • Shaftless Screws

  • Pond Clarifiers

  • Biomass Combustion

  • Truck Exhaust

  • Air Pollution Control

  • Trash Compactors

  • Dust Collection

  • Dewatering Screws

  • Live Bottom Hoppers

  • Digester Screws

  • Dredging

Mining Industry Screw Conveyor & Auger

Mining Industry Screw Conveyor & Auger

Underground coal mining and surface mining of other minerals depend on high-quality augers. Since the mid 1950s, augers have been an integral aspect of both underground and surface mining.  At Bega Screw Conveyor, we take great pride in providing custom built augers that the mining industry requires to complete its operations efficiently and safely.  In addition to Begas’s augers being used in the mining of products, mining industrialists also make use of our screws and flighting to help them classify, convey and handle their material.

Mining Applications:

  • Highwall Mining

  • Horizontal Boring

  • Sand Washers

  • Rock Augers

  • Rock Dusters

  • Classifiers

  • Aggregate Washer

  • Centrifuges

  • Power Plants

Plastic / PEAD Industry Screw Conveyor  & Auger

Plastic / PEAD Industry Screw Conveyor  & Auger

Bega manufacturers material handling augers, screw feeders and extrusion screws for the plastic and rubber industries.  From special design to heavy duty screws, Bega has the expertise to provide our customers with the screws that match their exacting specifications.

Plastics Applications:

  • Feed Screws

  • Granulators

  • Fabricated Extruder Screws

  • Flexible Conveyor Screws

  • Volumetric Feeders

Chemical Industry Screw Conveyor & Auger

Chemical Industry Screw Conveyor & Auger

With its many unique needs, the chemical industry’s augers and screws conveyors must stand up to the rigors of the chemicals they are exposed to. At Bega Industries, we offer the screw augers and screw feeders that meet the material handling and product conveyance of chemicals with ease. From screw mixers and centrifuges at the early stages of your operations all the way through to volumetric feeders, screw flexible conveyors and screw feeders, you’ll find the augers and screws you need for superior performance in a wide variety of materials at Bega Screw Conveyor. 

Chemicals Applications:

  • Centrifuges

  • Screw Mixers

  • Volumetric Feeders

  • Flexible Conveyors

  • Screw Feeder

Pulp & Paper Industry Screw Conveyor & Auger

Pulp & Paper Industry Screw Conveyor & Auger

Bega Screw Conveyor carries a full range of screw augers and screw conveyors to meet all your pulp and paper needs. From the first stage in the paper-making process, all the way through to material handling, our array of screw conveyors, chipper screws, augers and screws seamlessly take pulp to paper from inception to completion. Turbulence enhancers, dewatering and pulp screws, chip and hot pulp conveyors, wood chippers and material handling augers are just some of the pulp and paper products we fabricate. 

Pulp & Paper Applications:

  • Turbulence Enhancers

  • Conveyors

  • Dewatering Screws

  • Chip Conveyors

  • Hot Pulp Conveyors

  • Wood Chippers

  • Material Handling Auger

  • Pulp Screws

Micellaneous Applications Screw Conveyor & Auger

Micellaneous Applications Screw Conveyor & Auger

The Screw conveyor & Auger have many applications, so many uses.  Don't worry about size, materials or other specifics.  Bega can make augers and helical screws to any design and your specific requirements.  Let your imagination fly, the possibilities are endless.  We are willing to attempt the difficult jobs that others won't even consider.

Miscellaneous Applications:

  • Snowblowers

  • Ball Mills

  • Pellet Stoves

  • Smoke Stack Strakes

  • Tire Fill Screws

  • Chip Conveyors

Screw Conveyor & Mixers Rotors Fabrication

Screw Conveyor & Mixers Rotors Fabrication

Bega Screw Conveyor manufacture any screw conveyor replacement or spare part, you just need to provide us with the measurements you require or send the sample to the part, or if you want to reengineer the part to improve its efficiency, our group of engineers, they will recommend screw flight  changes or a different material with better properties to improve the performance of the part.

Applications in replacement helical parts:

  • Paddle Mixer Rotors

  • Screw Ribbon Mixer Rotors

  • Screw flight (Sectional flight)

  • Replacement Helical Screw for specialized machinery

  • Replacement of standardized screw conveyor parts.

Maintenance & Repair Industry Screw Conveyor & Auger

Maintenance & Repair Industry Screw Conveyor & Auger

If you’re involved in highly abrasive operations, then you know all too well the ravages that can be wreaked on your augers and screws. To withstand the constant abrasion, you must ensure that your spent grain augers, shot blast screws, pipe mill cool down racks and glass plant cullet feeds are either maintained with regular frequency and/or are made from abrasion resistant materials. At Bega Screw Conveyor, we offer complete maintenance service and can make repairs on your augers and screws to ensure that you receive the maximum lifespan out of them.

Maintenance Applications:

  • Spent Grain Augers

  • Shot Blast Screws

  • Pipe Mill Cool Down Racks

  • Glass PLant - Cullet Feed

  • Repairs

Manufacture Screw Conveyor Spare Parts & Screw Flight (Sectional Flight)

Manufacture Screw Conveyor Spare Parts & Screw Flight (Sectional Flight)

If you are a screw conveyor manufacturer  or perform maintenance services for screw conveyor, we invite you to be our commercial partner, we offer you our experience and our products such as screw sectional flights, troughs, covers, hangers, bushings of different manufacturing materials. As well as our advice to make your next project a reality and a success, also if you provide the industrial parts industry, you can receive catalogs and advice from Bega Screw Conveyor.


Spare parts supply Applications:

  • Screw conveyor manufacturers

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance service companies 

  • Industrial spare parts

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