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Maintenance, Repair & Application of Antiabrasive Screw Flight Coatings for Screw Conveyors (Harfaced Flight)

Maintenance and Repair Screw Conveyors


   Repairing a screw conveyor or Auger Flights can save time and money. One of the common and unavoidable problems associated with helical screws is wear. There is also the occasional problem of damage during use. The experience and knowledge of Bega Screw Conveyor saves our customers time and money when repairing existing assemblies rather than building new ones.

   Throughout our more than 15 years in the auger industry, we have worked with a wide variety of clients. From the local farmer who maintains his own equipment, to the corporations that require established maintenance. Bega Screw Conveyor has offered a timely and profitable alternative by supplying spare parts and replacement flights for the client to carry out their own substitutions and repairs, or if our client wishes, they can send their screw conveyor to our facilities for us to carry out. necessary repairs. Bega can offer an estimate or quote based on your description or a quote after receiving your damaged screw. We will be happy to offer you options to help you meet your budget and time constraints.

  There are many ways to extend the useful life of a screw conveyor that is subject to wear due to the handling of low, moderate and highly abrasive abrasive materials, among the existing and viable options is the manufacture of plate auger flights with high resistance to the abrasiveness such as Manganese plates, the Hardox and Domex line, sometimes the economic investment in this type of materials is very high, so we also offer alternatives such as manufacturing the auger flight (screw flight) in carbon steel and applying a harfaced plate (hardfacing) applying different coatings depending on the application, such as chromium carbide, tungsten carbide. Contact us for a better advice.

Repair, Maintenance & Harfaced Flights

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