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Screw conveyors for processes Design and manufacturing 



In Bega Screw Conveyor our team have the knowledge, experience and appropriate tools to give our clients the best service, making real your project with the best solutions and advisory. Our specialty is to design, and manufacture screw conveyors and feeders integrated with our spare parts. This service is intended to those enterprises who want to implement projects to improve production, they require to handle materials quickly and efficiently, to control-feed their products, to warm or cool their products through a screw heat exchanger, all these application with the most competitive prices in the market. Just call us and we will make proposals that can solve your necessities. 


These machines are intended for enterprises that want to replace their screw conveyors in their processes, due to wear, damage, etc. It is just necessary to fill a datasheet of your conveyor. 


Always using the best 3D mechanical design in Solidworks.  

Screw Conveyor for Processes Design and Manufacturing 


Horizontal Screw Conveyor 


Inclined Screw Conveyor 


Vertical Screw Conveyor

Shaftless Screw Conveyor

Shaftless Screw Conveyor

Screw Heat Exchanger

Screw Heat exchanger 

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