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Valve Bagger machine for Perlita mineral

Project:  Valve Bagger machine for Perlita mineral on valved bags


Customer need:  Our client is a producer of perlita mineral of multiple industrial uses, require the manufacture of a equipment that packaged perlita mineral in valvulated bags volumetric way, with the restriction to perform this function of a 25 kilogram bag every 10 seconds with only pressing a button.

Bega Engineering: Our initial requirement was to provide us with a product sample, which in its analysis turned out to be expansive, hygroscopic and corrosive. A high speed bagging model was proposed, by means of impeller, with a receiving hopper and holding tray. The result a success, was obtained 1 bag of 25 kg of mineral perlita every 5 seconds.

Perlita mineral bagger features:

  • Filling speed 1 bag each 5 seconds

  • Start Stop keypad.

  • High speed impelent.

  • Built on A-36.

  • Fastening tray.

  • Electronic weighting system optional.

Valve bagger machine Perlita mineral

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