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Spare part for screw conveyor build with SS-304

Project: Spare parts for screw conveyor build with SS 304.

Customer need: Our client manufacturer of machinery located in the state of Michoacán, required the manufacture of sections in standard measure of helical mounted and welded on tubular shaft, drive shafts, union shafts, terminal shafts, hangers and bronze SAE 65 busshing, to integrate them into your project for handling mango husk.

Bega Engineering: Our technical proposal of the general dimensioning, is based on the product to be moved, lengths and capacity cubic meter per hour. With the sizing carried out, the procedures to carry out a proposal of the products that the client requires, always advised by a Bega consultant.

Tube mounted helicoid features:

  • Exterior diameter 12"

  • Pitch: 12"

  • Thickness : 1/4" 

  • Built with SS-304.

  • Length: 3 meters.

Hanger features

  • To use with tough 13"

  • Built with SS-304

  • Thickness 3/8"

Bushing features

  • Built  with Bronze SAE 65

  • Self lubricated

  • Bipartite

Spare parts Screw Conveyor

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