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Shafted Screw Conveyor for bulk Handling Barley Seed  Dryer

Project: Shafted Screw conveyor for bulk handlingdry barley seed.

Custormer need: Our client, one of the main producers of beer in Mexico, required the development of 30 helical pieces with very specific details regarding the initial and final helical type. The shape of the products should be identical to the existing ones that would be replaced in the maintenance stoppage.

Bega Engineering: The engineering drawings were required for the development and proposal with our helicoidal forming method, the replicas were accurate and we limited ourselves to the manufacturing instructions of our client, when assembling the 30 pieces in their place of work there was no problem.

General features:

  • External diameter 20"

  • Pitch: 15"

  • Thickness 3/16"

  • Built in SS-304 .

  • Beginning with complete flight and finished with ribbon flight.

Shafted Screw Conveyor for bulk handling Barley Seed  Dryer

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