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Screw feeder to meter silica sand

Project: Screw feeder to meter silica sand.

Customer need: Our client, required the manufacture of an screw feeder, for handling granulated silica sand, with product entry at one end, and a product outlet, for continuous work 16 hours and supplying 2,800 kg / hr maximum and 1200 kg / hr minimum , in tubular design.

Bega Engineering: As part of the manufacturing process, a sample of the product to be handled was requested, to determine the physical properties, it was determined that the product had a density of 1800 kg / m3, the particle smaller than 1mm, so it was recommended and the implementation of Special seals, as well as the selection of a special motor to vary the speed. Helical coated to prolong the service life due to the abrasion of silica sand.

Screw feeder features:

  • Capacity  2.8 ton/hr to 1.2 ton/hr for Silica sand.

  • Tubular design.

  • Built on A36 steel.

  • Helicoid coating to prolong the service life.

  • Frecuency variable driver.

Screw feeder to meter silica sand

Video Screw feeder to meter silica sand testing 
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