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Container with central paddle rotor and screw feeder to meter metal powder 

Project: Container with central paddle rotor and screw feeder to meter metal powder.

Customer need: Our client manufactures automotive brakes, made with a mixture of abrasive powders. In the process, there is the mixer that works with the powders at 40 degree centigrades, at the end of the process, the powder is discharged through the central part of the mixer. The customer's need is to move that mix batch to another machine. The indication is to carry the mixture through a mobile container moved by a person and that the product is not compacted in the transfer.

Bega Engineering: It was proposed the manufacture of a prototype to scale, that a person trained in making this mixture of hot powders would supervise the results of the test. An equipment consisting of a two cubic meter container was manufactured, with a central rotor that kept the product in motion to avoid compaction, and with an independent helical feeder, to vent the material out of the container. In addition to being a mobile system, it was placed on 4 phenolic wheels with roller bearings so that a person could move the container.

General Characteristics of the container:

  • Container of 2 cubic meters.

  • System with agitator with sharp blades to keep fluidized the material.

  • Manufactured in carbon steel.

  • Cycloidal gearmotor.

  • For  phenolic wheels with roller bearing.

General characteristics of the screw feeder:

  • Screw Conveyor system with diameter and calculated passage to quickly dislodge the product.

  • Chromium carbide coating for durability to wear by abrasion.

  • Manufactured in carbon steel.

Manufacture of Container with central paddle rotor and screw feeder powder 

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