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Screw feeder to meter fumaric acid

Project: Screw feedr for fumaric acid powder.

Customer need: Our client, require the manufacture of a helical screw dispenser, for handling fumaric acid powder, 200 mesh, with product entry in the central part, and two outputs of product, one at each end, for continuous work and supplying 1000 kg / hr.

Bega Engineering: As part of the manufacturing process, a sample of the product to be handled was requested, as well as its technical sheet of physical and chemical properties, it was determined that the product is explosive, corrosive and abrasive, so it was recommended to manufacture in stainless steel 304 and the implementation of special seals, as well as the selection of a special engine for explosive environments. A special double-direction helical was made.

Screw feeder features:

  • Capacity 1 ton/hr for fumaric acid powder.

  • Trough design with central input, side outputs, cover plate.

  • Totally built with SS-304.

Screw feeder to meter fumaric acid powder

Video screw feeder for fumaric acid powder testing
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