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Mobile and inclined Screw Conveyor and packing System for bulk handling Ferrous Sulfate

Project:  Screw Conveyor and Packing System for ferrous sulfate with inclined operation and mobile feature

Customer need: To speed up and improve the transport of Ferrous Sulphate, a very complicated material to handle, its process was to move from a  one ton bag and pack it in 25 kg bags.


Bega Engineering:  A auger-type mobile inclined helical system was designed to receive material from the 1 ton bag, a pyramidal hopper container was designed based on increasing the angle of repose of the material to guarantee fluidity, connected a double-helix feeder to continuously and uniformly feed the mechanical manual bagger for 25 kg bags.

Screw Conveyor features:

  • Capacity 10 ton/hr for Ferrous Sulfate

  • Trough design.

  • Fixed Inclination operation.

  • Mobile chassis.

  • Built on  SS-304.

  • Hopper container

Bagging Screw feeder features:

  • Dual helicoid, short pitch.

  • Trough design.

  • Maintenance cover.

  • ABB Inversor Speed control.

  • Built on SS-304.

  • Fluidizer.

Mechanical manual bagger:

  • Operation 25 to 50 kg.

  •  Operation 3 to 6 bags per minute.

  •  Built on SS-304.

Mobile and inclined Screw Conveyor and packing System for Ferrous Sulfate

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