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Mobile Screw auger for handling silica sand

Project: Mobile Screw auger for handling silica sand

Customer need: Our client, a construction service provider, needed to handle bank silica sand, to speed up the maneuvers of placing the sand located in mounds on the ground to be thrown into cargo trucks. This maneuver would be performed 10 times a day in different locations.

Bega Engineering: Our proposal was to provide a light, mobile, easy-to-use, durable and functional product. An auger mobile helical conveyor was proposed, specially designed for handling silica sand from the bench, which is abrasive and with high density. The product robust but at the same time light.

Mobile screw auger features:

  • Capacity 50 ton/hr for silica sand.

  • Tubular design.

  • Discharge heigth adjustem system.

  • Mobile chassis.

  • Fabricated with A36 steel

  • Belt transmission.

  • Anti wear  coating.

Mobile screw  auger for handling silica sand

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