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Mobile Screw Auger for bulk handling corn seed

Project: Mobile Screw Auger for bulk handling corn seed

Customer need: Our client, recognized Mexican company of international level manufacturer of inputs based on seed corn, had the need to solve the problem of handling your product, from the receipt of wagons of the train and send it to silos containers for storage, in the shortest time possible of this maneuver

Bega Engineering:  To manufacture a 120 ton / hr high efficiency mobile helicoidal conveyor system of corn seed, with a length of 10 meters, with height variation system by means of a safe mechanical system, the whole system mounted on a wheeled chassis, easy to maintain, easy to use within warehouses and robust.

Auger features:

  • Capacity 120 ton/hr for corn seeds.

  • Tubular design.

  • Discharge height systema adjustment.

  • Mobile Chassis.

  • Fabricated with A36 steel.

  • Belt transmission.

Screw Auger for handling corn seeds

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