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Screw conveyor for bulk handling cement powder

Project: Inclined screw conveyor for bulk handling cement powder and aggregates.

Client needs: Our client, producer of ceramic adhesive in different meshes, want to speed up and improve the transport of cement and some aggregate powders, from silos with manual unloading to transport them and deposit them in horizontal mixer of pallets, required that the equipment was fixed with adaptation of hopper container for 1 cubic meter.

Bega Screw Conveyor proposal:  To manufacture a high efficiency fixed screw conveyor system, on a structure to maintain the working angle, easy to maintain, easy to use inside the plant, efficient and robust

Screw conveyor features:

  • Capacity 20 ton/hr  for dry cement powder.

  • Tubular design.

  • Fixed structure

  • Flow regulating valve on the feed.

  • Built on steel A36..

  • Sprocket transmission.

Screw conveyor for cement

Screw conveyor for cement powder
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