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Paddle Mixer with Valve Bagger

Project: Paddle Mixer with Valve Bagger. 

Customer need: Speed ​​up and improve the work of mixing fine powders (adhesives for construction), then bagging them in valved bags. The client already had a system of mixers with an inefficient system. The client asked to perform tests in our facilities to document results based on homogeneity tests based on standards, and according to the results, the acquisition of the equipment would be carried out.

Bega Engineering: A prototype machine was manufactured to scale, to carry out the tests in our facilities with supervision of specialized personnel of our client and to verify the result of the process according to its regulations of adherence, mixing time and homogeneity. The tests were a success, so we proceeded to design a system that met the established requirements, we made a final proposal of a mixer of 3 cubic meters with paddle agitator, with central discharge to a packaging equipment, which consists of a helical screw with an outlet specially designed for bagging 25 kg valved bags. This proposal resulted from the interest of our client because in a single machine, he had the possibility of carrying out both processes, saving space, with low investment and his confidence increased by corroborating the results in a test mixer.

General Characteristics of the mixer:

  • Container of 3 cubic meters.

  • To mix dense adhesive powders.

  • Paddle Mixer system. 

  • Mix homogenous in 15-20 minutes.

  • Manufactured in carbon steel.

  • Cycloidal gearmotor.

General Characteristics of the bagger:

  • Screw system with diameter and step calculated for the product.

  • Tubular outlet designed for the exact mouth of the valved bag, avoiding product spills.

  • Manufactured in carbon steel.

Manufacture of Horizontal Paddle Mixer with screw filler of valved bags

Horizontal Paddle Mixer with Screw Filler of valved bags.
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