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Loss in weight feeder for lime powder 

Project: Loss in weight feeder.

Customer need: In a water treatment plant, a fundamental part is the exact dosage of Cal, depending on the water supply per second. It was required to dose lime jointly and depending on the water

Bega Engineering: A screw feeder was proposed with a container for 1 cubic meter of lime, with an internal rotor to avoid agglomerations and ensure fluidity of the product without interruptions, the equipment would be mounted on 4 load cells, all controlled by an electronic control panel marked Bega, in which you could program the quantity of lime dosed according to the water supplied controlled by a flow meter.

General Characteristics of the Loss in weight Feeder:

  • Container of 1 cubic meter.

  • Internal Paddle rotor..

  • Inclined helicoidal screw dispenser.

  • Manufactured in carbon steel. Cycloidal gearmotor

General Characteristics of electronic control:

  • Electronic card developed with Bega engineering.

  • Digital control panel.

  • PLC ABB.

  • Siemens inverter.

Manufacture of Loss in Weight feeder for lime powder

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