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Replacement of Gland-Seal type seals in wastewater treatment plants

Project: Replacement of Gland-Seals in wastewater treatment plants.

Customer need: Our client is a manufacturer of equipment for wastewater treatment, his experience within the field is 20 years, he develops his own designs for wastewater treatment processes, however they asked for recommendation to apply within their designs, seals to avoid leakage of mud and water to the outside of the container specifically where the screw conveyor shafts exit to the outside.

Bega Engineering: The implementation of gland-type or press-type seals was proposed, which have the function of avoiding liquid leaks outside the machine, when a drive shaft is in a turning motion. We also proposed the manufacture of a screw conveyor with an ideal pitch to move mud, and the implementation of a suitable central axis to avoid central deflections due to the length and weight and in this way guarantee an excellent performance of the elements.

General Characteristics of the Screw Shafted for wastewater:

  • Exterior diameter 8"

  • Pitch 2/3

  • Thickness 1/4

  • Material  SS-304

Seal General Characteristics:

  • Press or gland type

  • Stainless steel  304 fabrication.

  • Removable

Screw conveyor and Gland-Seals for water treatment equipment

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