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Industrial Conveyor Belt for bulk handling potassium nitrate

Project: Mobile industrial conveyor belt for bulk handling potassium nitrate.

Customer need: Speed ​​up the reception of bulk granulated material (potassium nitrate) directly from the ship to the warehouse, then from the warehouse to containers,  according to our client's instructions the use should be robust and of continuous use.


Bega Engineering: According to our customer's instructions, the equipment should be a mobile conveyor belt for rough use. Considering these indications a model was proposed, which included rotating wheels, robust structure, engineering calculated according to the requirements and a special belt so that the life of the same one was prolonged, besides a system of variable height.

Industrial conveyor belt features:

  • 50 ton/hr  capacity according to potassium nitrate density.

  • Max discharge height operation 8 meters.

  • Length 15 meters.

  • Triple charge roller stations.

  • Discharge heigth system adjustment manual.

  • Mobile strong chassis

  • Built on A-36.

  • Rough use belt.

Industrial Conveyor Belt for bulk handling potassium nitrate

Industrial Conveyor Belt
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